CHECKWEIGHER CHW-S60. All the bags with the right weight

April 2016

Giró introduces the new checkweigher CHW-S60.

A verifier scale that is intended to be installed at the bag exit of any fruit and vegetable packaging line. It can process up to 60 bags per minute allowing, in many cases, using a single unit to verify the weight of any line (weighing and packaging ).

The CHW-S60 is basically a conveyor composed of three independent motorized sections. The first section takes care of separating bags conveniently so as to reach the weighing area individually. The second section is the one which weights through high precision load cells. Finally, the third one drives the bags to the output conveyor or reject them if they are not within the allowed weight range. CHW-S60 weight ranges cover from 500g to 5.5kg, suitable for all common needs of the horticultural packaging. The CHW-S60 can work in two modes. The most accurate way, that it can process 50 bags/min has an accuracy of +/- 5g. In the higher speed mode reaches the 60 bags/min while weight accuracy decreases slightly to +/- 10gr. This checkweigher has a touch screen that offers complete and detailed information. 

Another of the outstanding features of CHW-S60 is its connectivity to GirControl Plus. As a result, all the information processed by the CHW-S60 is sent to and stored in the GirControl Plus so it can be viewed and analyzed on demand.