EASY OPEN: The new "open and close" system for the Ultrabag package

February 2019

The new Easy Open system designed by Giró allows an opening and closing of the package in a comfortable and easy way, without the need for cutting elements.

As a result of our concern for constant improvement, we have asked consumers what attributes are the most valued in a fruit container. One in four consumers believes that the "open and close" is a necessary provision in a container. That is why Giró has investigated to incorporate Easy Open, which offers the consumer an unbeatable packaging for fruit system and that integrates all the main benefits that consumers ask for a container: the visibility of the fruit, the breathability of the container and the ease of grip and transport.

The container is kept in perfect condition to keep the product inside. Once opened, the hand is inserted to extract the number of pieces desired. Finally, the adhesive tag of the strainer allows closing the container again, thus offering greater comfort.

You can see the presentation video of the new Easy Open system in the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q4zuWzfaxk 


During Fruitlogistica 2019, some of the most important magazines and newspapers from the industry were interested in Giró's novelties:

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