EASY OPEN: Open&Close y Push&Tear

February 2020

The new Open&Close and Push&Tear of the Easy Open solutions created by Giró offer an easy opening of the package. These new and innovative solutions can be produced with a GirBagger and GirBagger Speed Line.


First, we find the first Easy Open system that Giró developed called Open&Close. As the name implies, this system allows the bag to be opened and closed multiple times thanks to an adhesive label applied on the predie cut window. Once part of the content has been removed, the label can be closed again keeping the content inside the bag.

In addition, this container can be used for a second use, such as compacting single-use plastic bags to take them to the recycling container. This second use can save a lot of waste space in the home. Another advantage is that once used, it can be rolled up on itself and glued with the label to compact it before recycling it.





On the other hand, we find the Push&Tear system, which makes the same vertical cut in the net, but uses a film with a different pre-die cut design. The pre-die cut on the Push&Tear is formed by a circle and a vertical line so that the consumer can access the content just by pressing the circle with the finder and tearing the vertical die-cut down.

This die without label (and therefore, once opened can no longer be closed), supports the structure of the package without the need for added labels, so that we obtain a fully functional package, with an Easy Open System and sustainable as an usual net package.