EXACT 100: The best citrus weigher in the world

March 2016

Exact 100  is high productivity and extremely accurate dynamic weigher. A new and smart mechanical driving system together with a sophisticated algorithm is responsible to achieve the better bucket feeding according to the fruit caliber and target weight. A well-balanced bucket feeding is very important to have the proper combinatorial possibilities to find the target weight.

An innovative system based on robotic fingers gives the right and precise dose of fruit to each bucket. This bucket feeding can be done at high speed allowing to fill up to 48 pieces per second in the 8 buckets.

Exact 100 is a very versatile machine because it has 4 bidirectional output belts that enable to feed a multitude of packaging machines. An optimal configuration is to install four GirBagger machines or in a multi-format implementation, can feed 3 GirBagger and 2 clipping machines like CA-9S or CA-10.