GIRBAGGER SPEED LINE. The best bagger in the world

February 2019

The range of GirBagger packaging machines is being renewed and improved with the new Speed Line generation.

The most internationally renowned net bagging machine makes a qualitative leap that will keep you in the lead in the forthcoming years. More than 3.000 GirBagger sold all over the world sets a benchmark in the horticultural sector.

After several years of work, the Giró R & D team has managed to substantially improve a machine that was practically unbeatable. The new GirBagger Speed Line is a faster, more reliable and robust machine with higher performance. It allows reaching productivities of up to 36 bags per minute, in Ultrabag packages of 1 Kg, increasing its speed compared to the previous generation of GirBagger packaging machines by 30%. 

GirBagger Speed Line packaging machines are suitable for the packaging of multiple fruits and vegetables and can make up to 10 different types of packaging.






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