Giró net bags: the most sustainable on the market

October 2018

Concerned about the environment? We also are, and very much so.

The Giro packaging proposals are the most sustainable in the market. Any of our solutions offers, in addition to a 100% recyclable product, the best content/packaging weight ratio that can be found in supermarkets.


The current net packaging weighs between 1.8 g and 10 g to fit 1 Kg of fruit; shows an extremely lower relation content/packaging weight compared to the majority of the packages of the food industry and other sectors of great consumption.

The unique breathability and visibility of the net package do not only make the fruit and vegetable containing  attractive, also keeps their natural properties and they are shown to the consumer in their best way, moreover it is an extremely light package.

Without doubt, the net bag is the most optimized package whose weight is between 0.2% and 1% of the content, with a big saving in the calculation of the carbon footprint in comparison with other packages, for example, the paper or cardboard.

This chart shows the weight of different types of packaging needed to contain 1 kg of product. In each type the usual range of values is indicated, taking into account that the packaging size and possible variants can significantly affect the weight of the pack to contain 1 kg of product.