HANDLE BAG. Attractive, excellent product visibility and easy to carry

March 2018

The Handle Bag is a very attractive bag that provides a good communication surface and excellent visibility of the contained product.

The upper side film is used as a handle for easy transport and grip, welded by its ends with a greater width (145 mm) that allows the closure of the bag on both sides.

The lower side film is welded longitudinally along the entire length of the bag. In order to make the Handle Bag, it is necessary to use a GirBagger UB50, UB60 or UB65 equipped with a Window Compact kit and also a Handle Bag kit. Therefore, the machine that makes the Handle Bag can also make the Window Compact

The Handle Bag is ideal for formats from 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg., considering that these sizes are those that offer a better aesthetic and functional balance to the bag.



The Handle Bag is excellent to merchandise due to the horizontal orientation exposure at the point of sale, where the bags appear ordered and with a great visual impact.