How should we classify our net bags?

February 2019

Our Giró packages are not only the most sustainable on the market, but once used, each one has its place.


Our STANDARD and ECOGIRÓ LIGHT containers are 100% recyclable and once used, they must be deposited in the LIGHT PACKAGING container.

On the other hand, our COMPOSTABLE containers must be thrown into the ORGANIC container.

The containers to deposit the packages will depend on whether the country in which it is located has a selective collection system.




The new EASY OPEN bag is not only 100% recyclable and can be thrown in the plastic container but can be reused for various purposes. Some of our recommendations are; use the empty container to store supermarket bags or other items. It can also be used to deposit the plastic bags that will later be recycled. In addition, the adhesive label allows to roll and compact the bag so that it occupies less space in the recycling container.




If as a consumer you have doubts about where each of our net bags goes, there are currently certain applications for mobile phones that help you to correctly classify each of the materials. The most used in Spain are the applications called AIR-E and Gencat Residues although there are many more such as iRecycle,, Daily Lives Recycling: Plastics or Gimme 5. Search which is the best app for your country and does not forget to recycle!