The signing of the manifesto of the "Family Business Network" association

September 2020

The Giró Group is a company that is highly committed to the environment. That is why in recent years, not only has it developed a packaging line completely focused on sustainability with the 100% recyclable and 100% compostable ranges, but it has also carried out a series of actions with respect to the company, such as the signing of a Green Energy Supply contract, an integral initiative for the reduction of waste and emissions, the achievement of recycling our surplus material and subsequent reintroduction of part of it into our production process or the implementation of a business culture committed to sustainability, among other measures.

On this occasion, the Giró Group has joined the more than 180 firms of family businesses that promote an initiative of the association "Family Business Network". This manifesto is a joint global statement of the FBN and UNCTAD, where it shows its vision and strategy, as well as acting and delivering in accordance with the sustainable development objectives (SDGs), which are very much aligned with the vision and positioning of Giró.

This manifesto is based on the experiences and results derived from several consultations from various fields, allowing an inclusive approach and involving all stakeholders of family businesses. It is a global call to action for family business owners, their companies, and their ecosystem to promote a more conducive business model and therefore contribute to global sustainable development, inclusive growth, and prosperity for all. You can read the manifesto or go to: