Speed Line product line

February 2020

In the past few decades, Giró has reinforced its position as the market leader supplier on net sustainable packaging solutions for the horticultural products; providing end-to-end packing lines from the fruit inspection till the automatic box filling. Giró offers packaging options with a great versatility for a wide range of fruits and vegetables; as clems, lemons, limes, oranges, avocados, potatoes, onions, etc.

In order to fulfil the packer requirements, Giró is to afford a comprehensive packing line including: inspection table, feeding accumulator, counter or weigher, baggers and/or clippers, checkweighers and box fillers. All these items are consistently coordinated by a “smart traffic” control system that guarantees a regular bag flow and a high productivity level.

Moreover, every single machine is fully monitored by the GirControl Plus system (on site or remotely) for which the customer is able to control the performance at every step of the line, viewing real-time machinery alarms, and having access to comprehensive service and output reports.
In the recent years, Giró has launched the new high-speed Speed Line product range. This new product line allows to reach a full line productivity up to 100 bpm, depending on the line items, bag style, bag weight and handled fruit. In this new edition of Fruitlogistica, the Vitesse-14 static weigher and the checkweigher CHW-S40 Speed Line are joining the Speed Line product range.